Hello kind folk! I suppose you have noticed how my website is empty and barren? It used to be filled with years of blogs, all sorts of adventures I have had such as appearing as Daenerys for a HBO Exhibition and meeting some of the actors in real life, as well as meeting marvellous comic artists, writers and publishers. And BOOM, it all was gone. Bye bye costume comparisons, bye bye whatever I have said to Michiel Huisman.

How and why? Well, my previous webhost decided to up the prices enormously and I was forced to find another alternative. But then disaster struck and my website wasn’t transferred properly. In fact, it was entirely lost.

Will I ever get back all the files and stories? Unlikely. But I missed a place to display some of my work, my photos and my stories, and therefore, I am making another attempt. It is my aim to at least upload photos of some of my retired costumes on here. But only time will tell…

If you are ever in need of contacting me, just find me on facebook, instagram or nudge me at a con.

Yours sincerely,