Cosplay Vanne is a tiny cosplayer from the Netherlands. She is most known for her cosplays as Rikku Thief/Lady LuckĀ  from Final Fantasy X-2, and her Hufflepuff student images which have circulated the internet and have been featured on different platforms.

She is also known as Elsje, an official comic book character popular in the Netherlands, written by Eric Hercules and drawn by Gerben Valkema. Her Roodhaar cosplay has been featured in an official album by Romano Molenaar. And over the years, she has worked together with different comic book artists such as Mike Ratera.

Vanne started cosplaying back in 2004. She won her first Cosplay Competition prize in 2005, after which she was asked to join several fun projects, using her cosplay for fashion shows, exhibitions, presentations and promotional events. She was a judge for cosplay competitions both on events (Imagicon, DTTA) as well as online (Fantasywijzer).

Cosplay brought forth opportunities as a look-a-like, actor and entertainer. She appeared in television programmes such as the Dutch children television series of ZappDelict & ZappLive, and on events (Beeld & Geluid GameXperience). Her costumes have been displayed on exhibitions (Mediamatic). And she perfomed in several fashion shows and stage plays.

Vanne has used her costume skills for entertainment jobs and still uses them to collect money for charity. Instead of appearing as a Lady Gaga look-a-like – which she has done in the past – she now uses original costumes to entertain or read to children, and is more commenly known as the “Voorleesprinses”.

In 2016 she founded the Dutch site Cosplaywijzer; a website created, without funds, to praise other Dutch and Belgian cosplayers and photographers. She was the main editor until the end of 2017 when she handed the site to a new team, after which the site was renamed. In the meantime, Vanne pursued her passion of reviewing books, as well as picking up an old job of hers of editing and proofreading.

She has won 6 cosplay prizes:

  • 1st place Cosplay Competition 2005 - Abunai!
  • 3rd place Cosplay Competition 2006 - JRock-Con
  • Best Act Cospay Competition 2006- Animecon
  • Best Solo Act 2007 - Chibicon
  • Best Solo Act 2007 - Animecon
  • 3rd Place Galaxy Masquerade 2019 - Imagicon