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Welkom op mijn site. Hier zal ik regelmatig updates plaatsen van nieuwe foto’s. Als je mij bent tegen gekomen op een evenement en met mij op de foto bent geweest neem dan een kijkje op mijn blog. Wil je niets missen? Vind dan mijn Facebook pagina leuk. Veel plezier!

Latest ✓:

•Very happy to find art inspired on my Alice by Veldart!
•Appeared as Rey at the MediaMarkt and got the free DVD. Cosplay’s still a hobby of mine ;)
•Performed the part of Dorine in a wonderful play by AT, had an amazing time!

Newest ✓:

•Elsje, from the Dutch Elsje comics.
•Jane, Tarzan (Disney version).
•Mercutio, Roméo et Juliette Spectacle 2010, John Eyzen purple coat version, Musical.
•Elsa, Frozen, Animation Character.
•Susan Sto Helit, Discworld Terry Pratchett, Book Character.
•Rikku as a Hufflepuff Student, Final Fantasy x-2 and Harry Potter Crossover.
•Daenerys Blue Dress, Game of Thrones.
•Roodhaar, Storm, Comic book character.

In Progress ✓:

•Princess Leia White Dress
•Annie, League of Legends
•Sarah Shagal, Fearless Vampire Killers
•Rey, Star Wars TFA, Scavenger outfit.
•Xena, Warrior Princess.

Past ✓:

•Fantastic to have been a judge at the Galaxy Masquerade of Imagicon, 2016.
•I’m honoured to have been Elsje for Eric Hercules and Gerben Valkema at the Gouda “Strips op de Markt” 1-5-2016.
•I’m honoured to have been a jury member for FantasyWijzer‘s costume competition. It was a tough choice but the winner definitely deserved it! Keep it up everyone!
•Very excited to have been part of several events to raise money for charity. I was a crazy assistant of the scary professor for a spooky night and I’ve been a princess to make children smile. More to come?
Cosplay Appearances 2017:

♦Elsje, Stripfestival Breda.

♦Sarah Shagal, Castlefest.

♦Melisande, Roodhaar & Anna, Brabants Stripspektakel.

♦Adora Bella Dearheart, Discworld, Cabbagecon.

♦Anna, Reading Princess at Hillegom Romantique.

♦Elsje, Texel, launch of new album.

♦Annie from League of Legends, Elfia.

Cosplay Appearances 2016:

♦Elsje, Gouda, Strips op de Markt.

♦Elfia Haarzuilens Saturday as Jane Porter from Disney’s Tarzan, Sunday as apocalyptic Rikku (oc).

♦Dutch Comic Con – Mercutio from the Romeo et Juliette Les enfants de Vérone, as originally played by John Eyzen, spectacle/musical 2010 version.

Cosplay Appearances 2015:

♦MidWinterFair 2015 – Susan Sto Helit from the Hogfather and Discworld Novels by Sir Terry Pratchett.

♦Elfia Arcen 2015 as Mercutio, from the musical Roméo & Juliette -Les enfants de Vérone. As originally played by John Eyzen.

♦Cabbagecon 2015 – Susan Sto Helit from the Hogfather and other Discworld novels by Sir Terry Pratchett.

♦Game of Throne Experience in Amsterdam invited as part of a GOT group as Daenerys.

♦Almere Cosplay Event as Snow, Hunt outfit from Once Upon a Time.

♦Elfia Haarzuilens 2015 – Daenerys from Game of Thrones (in wheelchair, ouch)

♦Imagicon 2015 – Roodhaar (Young) from Comics “Storm” by Romano Molenaar.

Cosplay Appearances 2014:

♦Elfia Arcen 2014 – Saturday: Alice from Alice in Wonderland by Disney.

♦Elfia 2014 – Sunday: Harley Quinn from DC Comics, Game version, Batman. (accompanied by Professor Snape, Harry Potter.)

♦Elfia 2014- Saturday:  Ariel’s Pink Ball Gown from The Little Mermaid. (accompanied by Moist von Lipwig, Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal Discworld novel and film).

♦ Imagicon – Thief Rikku from Final Fantasy x-2

♦Stripdagen Gorkum/Gorinchem – Red Sonja for Dark Dragon Books


Cosplay Shoots:

♦Mercutio & Tybalt, with Larasati & The Librarian.

♦Lisbeth Salander, BZK, HaH magazine.

♦Roodhaar, @mijnzolder

♦Roodhaar & Harley by EGD Fotografie.

♦Harry Potter Shoot, WizardWear in Utrecht as a Hufflepuff Student.

♦Rikku Hufflepuff student Crossover cosplay of Final Fantasy X-2 and Harry Potter

♦Mik, Ik Mik Loreland Cosplay photos by the Librarian 2015

♦Elsa Frozen, Random Nun, and Suzanne (Original Character) shoot by EGD Fotografie 2015

♦Rikku Thief & Casual shoot by EGD Fotografie

Dark Dragon Books Project with Kawin Wu, Stella, Notorious Circus – Dracena, Le Chant des Elfes – Red Sonja, Red Sonja

♦Green Dress/Ball Gown of Ariel

♦Pirate Shoot 2014 with the Librarian

♦Hufflepuff & Snape Shoot in Germany with LaraSati and the Librarian

♦ Daenerys Qarth Dress shoot in Crete and EGD Fotografie

♦Ariel Pink gown library shoot and Rapunzel at EGD Fotografie