New Cosplays Ahead

Rikku CasualIt’s February. The snow has turned into rain here. The wind blows through our house, making it sound chilly. I am staring at a pile of collected fabrics. There’s a lot of potential in there, but still a lot of items are missing. Yet I can’t help it. I’m in no condition to do much despite the fact that I want to be active, clean every darn corner of the house, fix all the holes in socks and other items of clothing I can find. And then I realise…… I’ve started a new cosplay.

And not one, but several at the same time. Blimey!

Having played League of Legends at random times, I am excited about many of the characters in it. So let’s start with a costume I haven’t fully made but bought. I had my eyes set on Caitlyn, fabric is still lying around for it, but then changed my mind and wanted to do Lux. Instead, I stumbled completely by accident upon the message of a girl in my country selling off her Annie costume in an extra small size and I thought, heavily pregnant but optimistic and all, “I can fit into that”.  And I can. I bought it from her and it’s absolutely amazing. Now I’m working on the wig as soon as I get the base in and you can guess what might happen with Tibbers…. So that’s one cosplay almost finished. And I intend on wearing it as soon as I can!

Bijna klaarYou’re seeing it right, this image shows you three of the almost finished cosplays I currently have lying around. The first is Annie as mentioned above, the second being Tink. Now, I started on Tinker Bell many years ago and decided to leave her be because of Cherry Cosplay who is such a massive Tink fan, and pulls her off so well, that I thought it not to be done to dress up as Tink myself. Over the years I finished the dress. I have the wings (they’ve been on the top of a closet for many, many years by now), I have two wigs to create her hairstyle. I miss the pompon shoes. Will I wear her this year? Not sure yet, but when I was cleaning out the cosplay closet I realised how nearly finished this costume is. I should remind myself I have it.

The third you see is Princess Leia. As a small child, when everyone wanted to be a tiger or a butterfly, I wanted to be Leia. Why I never cosplayed her? I thought the costume was too simple and there are always so many pretty Leia’s about. With a child on the way (and Leia officially mothering Ben Solo), I thought… why not make a simple cosplay that I can use my own hair with? Excellent idea. This costume is in progress and I think might be a wonderful quick cosplay for when our child’s born. I’m really excited to finishing it and wearing this!


Further wishes I’m working on right now?
– Mrs Lovett from Sweeney Todd, Helena Bonham Carter first dress version. Started.
-Sarah Shagal from the Fearless Vampire Killers, the Sharon Tate version, Red Ball Gown. Started.
-Odette from the Swan Princess animations, planned.
-Female inspired version of Tybalt for ‘C’est pas ma faute’ clip (probably red medieval dress made from leftover scraps), planned.
-Hungarian Musical Tybalt costume (secretly finished but where did I put it?)
-Esmeralda from the Hunchback of the Notre Dame, planned.
– I’d love to do a simple Belle dress from Beauty and the Beast.
And hopefully there’ll be some more comic and book characters passing by.