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These photos were taken at Nishicon by the wonderful Wish-Uponastar.


Ariel – The Little Mermaid Town Dress

This is the dress Ariel wears when she’s in town with Prince Eric. My friends are great fans of Disney and wanted to do a Disney group cosplay. The result was me in Ariel’s simple blue dress and a lot of fun! This costume was worn to Elfia (Elf Fantasy Fair) and Castlefest 2013.

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Sue, Not Mary

This is a very exceptional post because it will reveal that most of all I want to write a script, for anyone, ever. It’s one of my dearest wishes and one of my highest goal.

While in college I completed my minor in Theatre & Film Studies. One of the courses promised the chance of making your own little film at the end of the course, so naturally we set to work. My friends and I had decided to make a proper film with fantasy, cheap sets but also a load of costumes. Of course the professors only let us know near the end of the course that we had to write another essay, and ever since my self-written fantasy parody script is locked away.

Sue, however, is not. And this dress is one I wanted to make for her with the intention to have her wear it at the end of the film after the ball has taken place. Sue was supposed to be one of the characters in the tale and yes, her name was taken from Mary-Sue because I love fanfiction that much. When my friends wanted to do a shoot I felt I had a good excuse to finally create this costume and it was finished in a day’s time (but really a day’s time). I love it!

Now not all photos I have of this costume are in character, but I loved playing around with her regency style clothes and absolutely out of place hairdo. I hope you will love her just as much as I do and that one day I’ll be able to show the full story of Sue and her friends to you, whether played by me or by grand actors and actresses. But till that day arrives… here are some photos.

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First Post!

The new site is online! Whoohoo!
After what seems like years (it actually really took years) Cosplay Vanne has her own site online. “Why” I hear you ask. Why, when no one but the girl herself is going to look at it? Well, the answer is simple. Because the girl herself keeps losing her photos and wanted to have a portfolio online.
As you’ve already read and noticed this site is still under construction, and it might take a while before it’s properly finished.
If links do not work it’s because the page is still under construction, there aren’t any posts for that specific tag yet, or simply because it isn’t there yet. Whoops.
The gallery is slowly filled and brought up to date.
De nieuwe site is online! Whoohoo!
Na wat voelt als jaren (en ook eigenlijk was het ook wel jaren) heeft Cosplay Vanne weer haar eigen site. “Waarom?” hoor ik u vragen. Waarom, wanneer er niemand naar de site zal gaan kijken behalve Vanne zelf? Het antwoord is heel simpel. Omdat ze zelf haar foto’s steeds kwijt raakt en omdat ze graag een portfolio online wou hebben staan.
Zoals u misschien al gemerkt hebt wordt er nog aan deze website gewerkt en het kan dan ook nog even duren voordat alles af is. Als links niet werken kan dat meerdere redenen hebben: de pagina wordt nog gebouwd, er is nog niets geplaatst over het onderwerp of misschien bestaat de pagina simpelweg nog niet. Oeps. De foto’s worden langzaamerhand geupload.
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