Jane and Rikku at Elfia

Jane and Rikku at Elfia

Jane Porter attends Elfia on Saturday and because of the cold it's apocalyptical Rikku on Sunday. Read More

Roodhaar -Storm

Roodhaar -Storm

New photos of our hero from the wonderful comics Storm. Read More

Alice Art

Alice Art

A marvellous piece made by Veldart Read More

Keep Track

Keep Track

It's a fun way to keep up to date with my new cosplays =) Read More

What next?

What next?

On my instagram I post more in progress pictures. Read More


Roodhaar in an official publication

ComicGuest AppearanceRoodhaar

RoodhaarCan I be more honoured? Romano Molenaar actually liked my cosplay of the design he made for Roodhaar, a spin-off albums to Storm, so much that he had my photos published in one of the official new albums of Roodhaar. It’s in a special edition including more behind-the-scenes drawings, so the regular version will miss this extra bit.

The album is called: De Kronieken van Roodhaar – De vijfde Toren by Rob van Bavel & Romano Molenaar.

Eppo Roodhaar At almost the same time I was also featured not once but twice in the comic magazine Eppo, both as Roodhaar and as Elsje.  Whoohoot!

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Magic Fair @ Limbricht


 Rainer BoyrichLast Sunday, Asha Cosplay and Cherry Cosplay and me attended the Magic Fair in Limbricht. Because of the weather we changed our original plans and went dressed as Daenerys (GOT), La Mort (Romeo et Juliette musical), and Tinkerbell (Peter Pan). This photo was taken by Rainer Boyrich. Thank you Rainer!

Our original plans had been the Romeo et Juliette costumes, I believe, and as I’m writing this (afterwards) I can say the change was a good idea. It was so dreadfully warm! But we had an amazing day and met many, many lovely people and photographers.

And one more by Fairyangelphotos.


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Media Page update & Strips op de Markt

Book CosplayComicEventsGuest Appearance

Rikku 2016 ThinkingIt’s not even been that long since I last made a post to my site, but I can announce I proudly updated my Media page with a new appearance of me at the Strips op de Markt in Gouda where I appeared as the Dutch famous comic character Elsje to celebrate her (and the event’s) tenth birthday. Which was amazing. And yes, I was hired for the job and the costume was funded. I wish to thank Gerben and Eric very much for thinking of me and giving me such a wonderful day <3

So Elsje appeared in several news papers and I added the wonderful vlog by De Stripvlogger to my media page in case you’d like to see what you’ve been missing out on ;)

And now you’re thinking…. but that picture to the left isn’t Elsje. You’re quite right. A few days after being Elsje I tried on my Rikku again since… well…. you know how many old photos I have dressed as her. I was wondering if I could still pull her off anno 2016. And it was a test at the same time for my self-build and very much improvised attic-studio because this was taken on my attic with my own sony camera and a white blanket as a background. No extra lightening. For Roodhaar it worked quite well but yes… I did something wrong with my camera settings. So in the end I only have three or four images that could be used but I’m learning. Ha-ha!

Strips op de Markt Gouda

Elsje being drawn

Photos by ComixPhotographers

This event took place the first weekend of May in Gouda and featured lots of comic artists famous in our country, gathering to draw you a personal picture or give you their signature. There was a huge market on the square outside where you could find any sort of comic memorabilia or albums you might be missing.

Elsje is a character famously featured in for example newspapers where she appears as a small girl doing mischievous things. She’s the wonderful creation of Eric Hercules and Gerben Valkema who desperately try to teach her a thing or two about manners. Tsk.

The grand entrance to this day was made by Gerben, Eric and Elsje being driven into Gouda in a red Mustang – which remained in the square to be admired for the rest of the day – while press was yelling and taking pictures. I only fell backwards once during our drive round the square. Just once.

MustangAfter our entrance we were then interviewed, also by De Stripvlogger, with some difficult questions – well, mostly because that van selling chips/fries distracted us so much. In fact, it distracted us so greatly that Elsje decided to try her luck and order a bunch of fries, which she got served….for free…. Well, if you’re cheeky…..



There was a little exposition of the work of Gerben and Eric in one of the buildings where they sat to sign and draw for fans, and Elsje remained slouched next to them, randomly interferring with their conversations. There was special Elsje merchandise to be get – Elsje Chocolate, Elsje beer…. Eric kept his brains in a jar on the table and asked for them not to be disturbed. He also wrote a little poem in every book he was presented with – although they almost all ended up being about food.

All in all we had a wonderful day. By the end of it I had changed back into my normal attire to do a little round the market myself (and catch a geocache or two). We sat down to have dinner with a few more writers/artists and ended the day on a happy note.

Thank you all for this wonderful experience <3

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Elfia Haarzuilens


Working on several costumes at once, I was happy to recently finish both my Jane from Tarzan costume (more and that later) and my Xena Warrior Princess cosplay just in time for Elfia. Despite hopeful thinking, the weatherforecasts remained cold and rainy, and my plans had to change when the weekend of Elfia arrived.

Instead of wearing Xena on Saturday (which was promised to be the sunniest day by far) and Jane on Sunday, I now bravely wore Jane on Saturday and something freestyle and a lot warmer on Sunday. And a good thing too. The weather was cold, with temperatures feeling around zero degrees because of the cold wind and lack of sun, and not only did it rain but there was hail and snow as well. Kudos to all those cosplayers who walked around with bare arms or – even worse- bare legs and stomachs.

After joining the Disney meet and shoot on Saturday and doing the silliest dance I’ve done by far, I dressed in multiple layers for an apocalyptic Rikku on Sunday – no make up except for some natural lipstick and the black stripes on my cheek. My eye was bright red and I didn’t and to irritate it. Still I like my look that day and the pictures in the Tardis so have those as well.

There was not one Tardis, but two (with interior), and of course Wizardwear was present to represent the Harry Potter fandom. Whoohoo (go Ashley!).

All in all it was a fun weekend, totally worth it.



Jane (Tarzan) Photos by the Librarian:









By Martina Jonker de Vries:


By LuneMerel:









Rikku Freestyle at Sunday:


Xena WIP

Xena wip


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Alice Cosplay Art by Veldart

AliceBook CosplayCosplay

Not often does it happen that one of my cosplays is being changed into art but Miguel van der Velden was inspired by my Alice cosplay at Elfia sometime ago and changed an image of me drinking tea into a piece of artwork.

Isn’t it wonderful? <3

It’s probably going to be part of one of his exhibitions. I feel so very honoured. For more of his art and work go to his website [ Veldart ]

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More Roodhaar – Storm Cosplay


A new year has begun and updates have been lacking. Not because I wouldn’t have been active – oh no. With RSI problems troubling both arms I had a good scare at the end of last year, fearing I would not be able to sew or create a new costume any time soon. I even went as far as to buy a costume – Jane from Tarzan, which unfortunately didn’t arrive completely…. But on the upside, my arms are slowly getting better and if I’m really careful I find I have days when I can sew again, resulting in an almost finished Xena Warrior Princess costume and a Rey from Star Wars TFA costume. Anything else? I’m trying to pimp up and finish the Jane costume and see whatever costume I will wear at Elfia this month – depending on my mood.

The start of the year had me dress up as Dora for a children’s birthday party and I am pretty excited about a new comic cosplay I’m creating to celebrate the birthday of the character Elsje soon! Challenges gallore! Not to mention that I might make a Caitlyn LOL cosplay with the leftovers from my Mercutio coat. Too many things I wish to try this year.

Now onto an older costume of mine that deserved some new pictures. I present you Romano Molenaar’s designed character Roodhaar from the comics Storm, as she appeared in The Legend of Krill.

(Edit) By Paco Levya:

Edited by Paco Levya

Some new 2016 Roodhaar photos!

Roodhaar RoodhaarRoodhaar Roodhaar  

  RedHair- Roodhaar

Sssst, Roodhaar

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Roméo et Juliette – Musical Cosplay


Musical cosplay, it is underrated. Then again, musicals are often less known than movies, especially if they’re French musicals… from several years ago, only playing now in Asia or other far-away countries…. for us.



Roméo et Juliette is a musical I saw as a child and despite the critique I loved the Dutch/Flemish translation. Sure, some of the songs aren’t that well-translated, but overal the translator took the effort to keep most of the original lines and make them rhyme. I don’t care if people compare it to ‘Sinterklaas-rijmpjes’, to make things rhyme in Dutch is quite a feat. That aside, I’ve been rooting for the musical to come back to our tiny little country (or a land nearby) for years but no luck so far.

Mercutio Blouse

The Musical had a revival in 2010 in France (of course I only found out afterwards). Official footage of the musical introduced me to a version of Mercutio my friends told me I could pull off because of the hair. And so we decided that if the musical wouldn’t come to our country, we would cosplay it and bring part of the musical here. And so we did!


{If you remember, the left side is John Eyzen as Mercutio in the 2010 version of the musical}

La Mort (Aurélie Badol): Asha Cosplay [https://www.facebook.com/AshaCosplayPhotography ] , Tybalt (Tom Ross 2010): Cherry Cosplay [ https://www.facebook.com/Cherry-Cosplay-543798752300640/ ] Mercutio: John Eyzen… Kidding! That’s just plain old little me.

Retj by Kaleidoscopy Retj by Kaleidoscopy Retj by Kaleidoscopy

{ Photos by Kaleidoscopy }

The video of our act can be found on my fb page here: [ Click here to see the video ]

DCC Roméo & Juliette act, (with cheap subtitles for those who can’t understand Dutch) (en ondertiteling voor degene die denken wat zeggen ze toch? in het Nederlands). Original song is in French and called Les Beaux & Les Laids. We used most of the official Dutch/Flemish official translation as sung in Romeo & Julia: Van Haat tot Liefde. Alterations are found in the last three lines of La Mort and the couplet sung by Mercutio.

This version was recorded from the audience by the Librarian.
If you haven’t seen the musical, check it out on youtube. We’ve cosplayed the 2010 French costumes, but the full 2001 original French version is on there (with English subs), the Italian, the japanese, the German and my personal favourite the Hungarian (also with subs).


Retj by Brendan Hemme Retj by Brendan Hemme Retj by Brendan Hemme Retj by Brendan Hemme

{And photos by Brendan Hemme}

Elfia Arcen Elfia Arcen Elfia Arcen

{Elfia Arcen 2015 pictures by the Librarian, first posing with Jacco}


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Princess Reading Stories


Thought I had stopped reading to children? At the beginning of the year I’d written a small entry about how I would dress up as a Princess and read stories to children. I had the honour to whip out my Elsa costume (though technically she’s a Queen) and meet and greet with children last December.

I got some comments on the small sized crown and explained it was my travelling crown. Reality is I was finally moving to my own place and the proper crown was lost among the many bags! The costume was made a few months prior as a request for my niece’s birthday party.

Reading Reading Reading Reading

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MidWinterFair Discworld Themed

Book CosplayCosplayDiscworldSusan Sto Helit

12th and 13th of December  the yearly Midwinterfair was being held at the Archeon, a living history museum, and since this year’s theme was Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld (novels and film) my friend pressed me to ‘please wear your Susan’.  So I did.

We’ve enjoyed the shows quite thoroughly and I have a special thanks going out to Marie Jeanne Sol and Casper Stuart for the very quick and short but wonderful shoot. Thank you!

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The day I told a famous Hollywood actor I was ‘just guarding my eggs’

Personal BlogRambling

Excitement: When I was at the opening of the Game of Thrones exhibition I talked to actor Michiel Huisman. 

Less excitement: Really, it’s just as I write it: I talked to Michiel Huisman.

“What did he say to you?” People have asked me immediately after they’d seen us talk. Interesting, I thought, for this very same question was asked to others who had been seen near Michiel or Daniel Portman. It felt as if everyone expected a reply of great interest; as if Michiel would have revealed something about himself or the series not heard before. It’s funny how so many people seem to be interested in hearing what a famous person has to say.

“What did you say to him?”

Well, what did I say?

Michiel was being interviewed while standing near his costume. I was standing nearby because his costume’s next to the dress of Daenerys and near to her eggs. I’d decided that being dressed up as Khaleesi I’d better stand close to my character’s items. Then suddenly Michiel looked at me expectantly and for some. unknown. reason. I looked straight back at him and told him:

“I’m just guarding my eggs”

Let’s break this down….

When Michiel turned my way he looked surprised and recognized me in my Daenerys Cosplay. Since I love to fill in other people’s thoughts I can guess the thought he must have been thinking at that point: “Oh lord, not another one” and probably wished himself at home with his girlfriend and family. I felt like I had to say something and as he walked up to me I assume he would have expected for me to 1. Ask him to have a photo taken, or 2. Tell him how handsome he is (as it seems to be the main topic of all news articles about him).

To be honest, I wanted to have a photo taken with him but I’m so darn shy and polite that I was waiting for a proper moment. Looking back, this was that moment……
But instead I became my character and told him I was guarding my eggs…..

Which when I think of it could be taken the wrong way but you know which eggs I mean. At least I vaguely gestured at the three eggs on display.

Naturally, he was confused by what I’d said but smiled when he got it. Michiel acknowledged that I was indeed guarding my eggs, and repeated the sentence I’d said.

So now you know what Michiel said to me, and what I said to him. Though I highly doubt this will qualify as Celebrity Gossip. At least I always know how to make a fool of myself around famous people. I can’t wait to see what foolish thing I will say to the next famous person I meet. At least I guarded my eggs well that night.

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