More Roodhaar – Storm Cosplay

A new year has begun and updates have been lacking. Not because I wouldn’t have been active – oh no. With RSI problems troubling both arms I had a good scare at the end of last year, fearing I would not be able to sew or create a new costume any time soon. I even went as far as to buy a costume – Jane from Tarzan, which unfortunately didn’t arrive completely…. But on the upside, my arms are slowly getting better and if I’m really careful I find I have days when I can sew again, resulting in an almost finished Xena Warrior Princess costume and a Rey from Star Wars TFA costume. Anything else? I’m trying to pimp up and finish the Jane costume and see whatever costume I will wear at Elfia this month – depending on my mood.

The start of the year had me dress up as Dora for a children’s birthday party and I am pretty excited about a new comic cosplay I’m creating to celebrate the birthday of the character Elsje soon! Challenges gallore! Not to mention that I might make a Caitlyn LOL cosplay with the leftovers from my Mercutio coat. Too many things I wish to try this year.

Now onto an older costume of mine that deserved some new pictures. I present you Romano Molenaar’s designed character Roodhaar from the comics Storm, as she appeared in The Legend of Krill.

(Edit) By Paco Levya:

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Some new 2016 Roodhaar photos!

Roodhaar RoodhaarRoodhaar Roodhaar  

  RedHair- Roodhaar

Sssst, Roodhaar