Jane and Rikku at Elfia

Jane and Rikku at Elfia

Jane Porter attends Elfia on Saturday and because of the cold it's apocalyptical Rikku on Sunday. Read More

Roodhaar -Storm

Roodhaar -Storm

New photos of our hero from the wonderful comics Storm. Read More

Alice Art

Alice Art

A marvellous piece made by Veldart Read More

Keep Track

Keep Track

It's a fun way to keep up to date with my new cosplays =) Read More

What next?

What next?

On my instagram I post more in progress pictures. Read More


Cosplays Explained

Cosplays are a lot of fun;

But what character am I suppose to look like? I’m sure you’ve all seen cosplays you thought looked good but didn’t know what character it was that was being portrayed? Or Cosplays that did nothing to you but later on you found out that the character really looks like that! Wow. And I’m pretty sure that some of my friends and family have no idea what character I am masquerading as but say “it looks nice’ just to be kind. So here’s a short look of characters I’ve attempted to dress up as.

You can click on the pictures and they should become larger.


Alessa; Silent Hill

alessa silent hill

This cosplay of Alessa was created in less than a day’s time from scraps just because I wanted to see if I could do it. I could.







Alice; Alice in Wonderland Disney Animation

Alice in wonderland classical

Amy Pond; Doctor Who

amy pond red sweater

Ariel: The Little Mermaid, Disney

Ariel Town dress

ariel pink ball gown

Ariel Green dress

Arwen: Lord of the Rings

Arwen red dre4ss

Daenerys; Game of Thrones

daenerys qarth dress

Dracenia; Le Chant Des Elfes

zangderelfen Dracena

Hamtaro: Hamtaro


Harley Queen; Batman

harley quinn cosplay

Ihadurca; Evil Zone (aka Eretzvaju)


Kíli, The Hobbit (Inspired by Kíli, a Female version of the costume)

female Kíli

Mercutio; Roméo et Juliette; Les Enfants des Vérone (2010 John Eyzen)


Miaka; Fushigi Yuugi

Miaka Priestess

Mik; Ik Mik Loreland

Mik van Ik Mik Loreland

Red Sonja; Red Sonja

Red Sonja by Dark Dragon Books

Rikku; Final Fantasy X-2

Rikku Thief

Rikku lady Luck

Roodhaar; Storm (Romano Molenaar’s design)


Ryomou Shimei; Ikki Tousen

ryomou shimei ikki tousen blue nurse

Scabior; Harry Potter ( & the Deathly Hallows)


Servalan (Supreme Commander); Blake’s 7

Servalan Blake 7 Weapon Costume

Snow; Once Upon a Time

Snow Hunting outfit

Susan Sto Helit; Hogfather (and Discworld novels)

Susan Sto Helit

Yuna (Songstress); Final Fantasy x-2

Yuna songstress