Elfia 2018 Haarzuilens – Warrior Rapunzel

To join a group of Disney Warrior Princesses, who all gathered about a year ago with the idea of having the Princesses wear armour, I created and improvised this Rapunzel Warrior Costume, based on a Roman style Gladiator girl. The headdress was needed to hide the faulty wig border as I didn’t have a large budget and still wanted to make something that looked fashionably okay – that wig looks nice like this but it’s rather small on the head.

Now to start a cosplay like this is nice but I stumbled upon many unforeseen complications. Such as: don’t start a cosplay while you’ve just given birth. Your shape can vary till over a year after. Also, don’t be too ambitious. With a baby toddling around, reviews to be written and a new job I just didn’t have as much time to create something as I had wanted. also, make it comfortable. I have a League of Legends armour lying around here somewhere which I really wanted to wear, but had commissioned around the time of me giving birth. The problem is, it looks beautiful but you can hardly move in it. And with a baby, you guessed it, you need to be flexible and able to move around a lot!

So this improvised Rapunzel came to be. Unfortunately our appointments with photographers as a group went astray, so not many pictures there. But I’ve learned a lot and am excited to start on a next (not too ambitious) costume. Here are some of my favourite images, and a thank you to anyone on the Amino app for giving me 400+ hearts on this.


Photos in order : 1) by Erik Vrijsen, 2-4) by C-Flash Ninja)  5) by the Librarian, 6&7) by Terryawan, 8)By The Vigilante