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So here are a few of the images from our photoshoot, thanks to Larasati and the Librarian. More can be found on my FB here, as well as some silly video footage.

Annie – League of Legends

Annie LOLTrying cosplay with an 8 week old baby? For a long time it was undecided whether we’d be attending Elfia in Haarzuilens this year. Mostly because I was due to give birth

at the start of march, but the little one came two weeks early and thus we decided to take the leap and take the little one with us. This means that, of course, he had to be dressed fittingly. And hey! I’d bought Willow Creative’s Annie costume which she sold just a few months ago. As she’d been on my wish list, in that particular design, I couldn’t resist.

I believe we can say it was a succes! I really do love this costume and am very happy I fit it (even when I wasn’t fully back into my old shape after the birth). I also bought the teddy suit one size bigger for my baby boy, so I can wear it again when he’s growing (and it’s just fun to dress him up in it on colder days and have people think I’m wandering around carrying a teddy haha).



New Cosplays Ahead

Rikku CasualIt’s February. The snow has turned into rain here. The wind blows through our house, making it sound chilly. I am staring at a pile of collected fabrics. There’s a lot of potential in there, but still a lot of items are missing. Yet I can’t help it. I’m in no condition to do much despite the fact that I want to be active, clean every darn corner of the house, fix all the holes in socks and other items of clothing I can find. And then I realise…… I’ve started a new cosplay.

And not one, but several at the same time. Blimey!

Having played League of Legends at random times, I am excited about many of the characters in it. So let’s start with a costume I haven’t fully made but bought. I had my eyes set on Caitlyn, fabric is still lying around for it, but then changed my mind and wanted to do Lux. Instead, I stumbled completely by accident upon the message of a girl in my country selling off her Annie costume in an extra small size and I thought, heavily pregnant but optimistic and all, “I can fit into that”.  And I can. I bought it from her and it’s absolutely amazing. Now I’m working on the wig as soon as I get the base in and you can guess what might happen with Tibbers…. So that’s one cosplay almost finished. And I intend on wearing it as soon as I can!

Bijna klaarYou’re seeing it right, this image shows you three of the almost finished cosplays I currently have lying around. The first is Annie as mentioned above, the second being Tink. Now, I started on Tinker Bell many years ago and decided to leave her be because of Cherry Cosplay who is such a massive Tink fan, and pulls her off so well, that I thought it not to be done to dress up as Tink myself. Over the years I finished the dress. I have the wings (they’ve been on the top of a closet for many, many years by now), I have two wigs to create her hairstyle. I miss the pompon shoes. Will I wear her this year? Not sure yet, but when I was cleaning out the cosplay closet I realised how nearly finished this costume is. I should remind myself I have it.

The third you see is Princess Leia. As a small child, when everyone wanted to be a tiger or a butterfly, I wanted to be Leia. Why I never cosplayed her? I thought the costume was too simple and there are always so many pretty Leia’s about. With a child on the way (and Leia officially mothering Ben Solo), I thought… why not make a simple cosplay that I can use my own hair with? Excellent idea. This costume is in progress and I think might be a wonderful quick cosplay for when our child’s born. I’m really excited to finishing it and wearing this!


Further wishes I’m working on right now?
– Mrs Lovett from Sweeney Todd, Helena Bonham Carter first dress version. Started.
-Sarah Shagal from the Fearless Vampire Killers, the Sharon Tate version, Red Ball Gown. Started.
-Odette from the Swan Princess animations, planned.
-Female inspired version of Tybalt for ‘C’est pas ma faute’ clip (probably red medieval dress made from leftover scraps), planned.
-Hungarian Musical Tybalt costume (secretly finished but where did I put it?)
-Esmeralda from the Hunchback of the Notre Dame, planned.
– I’d love to do a simple Belle dress from Beauty and the Beast.
And hopefully there’ll be some more comic and book characters passing by.


A Princess reading stories

ReadingIf you’ve been wondering why I’ve been so quiet… I haven’t :)

I’ve been reading stories to children for these past three weeks. We have national story-telling days in our country and it’s been a pleasure to read to groups of children and tell them all about princesses and princes.

Also, the national reading contests have begun and I’m excited to say one of my childhood dreams has become reality and I’ve been asked to be a judge in my local district. This means that I’ve been listening to children read a fragment of a story for two days and have been deciding along with two other wonderful judges who we’re letting pass to the next round. After this round they will have to take on competition from the entire land. Now that’s quite something! I’ve heard some wonderful stories and it’s been really hard to decide who should go to the next round with all these lovely reading voices and exciting tales.

Don’t forget to read a story to the people you love♥



Ariel’s new dress

I promised you photos of Ariel’s Pink Ball Gown which was made in just a day and a night’s time.  The ones uploaded below were all taken at the Elf Fantasy Fair 2014. In the meantime, Ariel had another dress imported. Yes, this one was NOT made by me. It’s been the first dress I have ever commissioned and it needed a bit of fixing (because I must be honest… I might have been sloppy with handing my sizes to them).  But I still love it!

I know I should probably STOP wanting any more princess costumes at the moment. Or go and do something with them. I’m currently trying to fix Rapunzel’s hair because I noticed how happy children are when they see her around. I’d really love to wear that costume more often. I’m also having plans for a Tinkerbell and a Captain Hook. The wings and the hair’s already here, and so are the fabrics for Tink, but I told myself I am in no hurry at the moment.

On another note, I managed to finish Wiske, the Amoras version, but I haven’t had a proper shoot as her yet. I made her dress twice with the intention of tearing one and making it all bloody. Heh, you’ll see eventually.


Ik heb jullie foto’s beloofd van Ariel’s Roze baljurk (die gemaakt is in een dag en een nacht tijd). De foto’s die ik geupload heb zijn allemaal genomen op de Elf Fantasy Fair 2014. Ondertussen heeft Ariel een nieuwe jurk gekregen. Haar groene baljurk zoals die op het park wel gedragen werd. Dit is ook de eerste keer dat ik de jurk heb laten maken en al kloppen de maten niet helemaal, ik vind hem alsnog fantastisch!

Ik weet dat ik niet veel prinsessen jurken meer moet willen want waar laat ik het allemaal? Het is hoog nodig tijd dat ik wat met al deze kostuums ga doen. Momenteel probeer ik Rapunzel’s haar te ordenen want ik vind het enig hoe de kinderen op haar reageren. Ook heb ik plannen voor Tink en Kapitein Haak. De vleugels en het haar zijn er al en ook de stoffen voor het elfje. Maar daar is geen haast voor.

Nog even iets anders: De Amoras versie van Wiske is af! Whoohooe! Ik heb het kostuum twee keer gemaakt zodat de ene jurk helemaal verscheurd en vuil kan worden gemaakt. Heerlijk! Hopelijk zal ik er snel foto’s van hebben.

Ariel’s green dress:

Green Park Dress



Ariel’s Pink Dress:

By the annoying Photographer:


Lara Sati & The Librarian, With The Librarian as Moist Von Lipwig And Joyce as Ursula

Van Degens Fotografie:


Rapunzel, Hufflepuff and a lot of Harley Quinn

Even princesses can fall ill. This year’s Bloemencorso I was lucky to be princess Rapunzel and help Studio Stim as well as entertain the many children (and parents) attending the event. I had a wonderful time, but unfortunately had to stop early and visit the hospital. I’m all right now, though I don’t have any images to share of that day (though there should be plenty around… but that’s okay!).

The weekend before I’ve had a lovely time in the Eifel, Germany, where not only I spend a lot of time finding treasure (read:geocaching) but also had some photos taken with the most wonderful Snape I know: the Librarian.  Though most images are of him capturing me… I also had the opportunity to make photos of him with my camera and I discovered that I really do enjoy photographing other people! Perhaps I’m going to do something with this newly discovered passion.

I posted a blog earlier on about attending the Elfia on Saturday dressed as the Little Mermaid in her pink ball gown (which was made in a day’s time)… I also attended the Sunday but I was dressed up as Harley Quinn then. There are a lot of photos going round the net of me wearing that costume, and I’m sure I’ll post some on here as well. But before I do, I want to inform you all of my new Tumblr account: 

It’s actually an old account I’d never used and recently found I still had. It’s easy for me to upload images there. You can click costumes in the left menu to navigate to the tags, and find images I’ve posted there of the mentioned costumes. It will also feature cosplay images of friends I’ve cosplayed with but who haven’t posted them online because they don’t own a cosplay account (yet) or because I was the one who took the images and I posted them first :P

Don’t worry. My site is still my main domain. But if you’re interested in a certain character or costume and I haven’tposted much of it on my new site yet, you might want to check my FB page or my Tumblr to browse for more images. Sometimes I only have easy access to FB, sometimes it’s easier for me to upload an image to Tumblr. But in the end everything should be gathered here on my personal website.


Zelfs prinsessen kunnen ziek worden. Dit jaar had ik het geluk om als prinses Rapunzel te helpen op het Bloemencorso. Zo flyerde ik voor Studio Stim en kon ik alle kinderen (en ouders) entertainen die het evenement bezochten. Het was fantastisch! Helaas kon ik de dag niet afmaken en moest ik ‘s middags langs het ziekenhuis. Het gaat nu wel redelijk. Jammer genoeg heb ik geen foto’s van het evenement zelf in mijn bezit, alhoewel er wel veel foto’s gemaakt zijn die dag.

Het weekend voor het Corso was ik in de Eifel in Duitsland  waar ik niet alleen veel tijd heb doorgebracht met het zoeken naar schatten, maar waar ik ook foto’s heb kunnen nemen met the Librarian gekleed als Sneep van de Harry Potter verhalen. Alhoewel hij mij op de meeste foto’s gevangen lijkt te nemen…… Ik had daarna de kans om hem zelf op de foto te zetten en dat bevestigde voor mij maar weer hoe leuk ik het vind om anderen op de foto te zetten. Heb ik er een nieuwe passie/hobby bij? Misschien dat ik hier meer mee ga doen in de toekomst!

Al eerder heb ik een bericht geplaatst over de zaterdag op de Elfia. Zondag was ik er ook maar dan niet als de kleine zeemeermin maar als Harley Quinn uit de Batman verhalen. Er gaan veel foto’s rond op het internet van mij in dat kostuum en ik zal ze langzamerhand ook op mijn site gaan plaatsen. Maar voordat het zover is wil ik jullie attenderen op mijn nieuwe Tumblr account: 

Eigenlijk heb ik het account al heel lang maar pas geleden kwam ik erachter dat ik het account nog bezit en besloot ik om er eens wat mee te gaan doen. Het is soms gemakkelijker voor mij om de foto’s daar te uploaden. Je kan makkelijk naar foto’s van een bepaald kostuum navigeren door links in het menu op costumes te klikken.  Ik zal er ook foto’s plaatsen van vrienden van mij die zelf geen cosplay account hebben op internet of waarvan ik de foto’s gemaakt heb en gewoonweg sneller was met het uploaden ervan :P

Maar wees niet ongerust! Mijn persoonlijke site is nog altijd mijn domein. Als er een karakter of kostuum is waarvan je meer foto’s zou willen zien is het altijd handig om even een kijken op mijn FB pagina of mijn Tumblr te nemen. De kans is nu groot dat er daar meer plaatjes te vinden zijn die hier nog niet geupload zijn. Uiteindelijk moet alles op deze site komen te staan, maar dat zal nog wel even duren. ;’)







Photos taken by me of the Librarian:



Harley Quinn at Elfia: