When the moment comes that you realise you don’t fit your dress any longer and you will not be able to cosplay the characters you had in mind for the upcoming nine months or so, you start thinking.

Having cosplayed ever since I found out about it (and technically also before that but not sure whether that counts), cosplay has always been a huge part of my life. I love the challenges of creating costumes, of portraying characters, of going to events and seeing people I don’t often see. How do you take it easy if that is all such great fun to you?

cosplaywijzer2Well, I came up with an idea, an answer to my question ‘what to do now that I won’t be able to cosplay as much’ and in hindsight, it might be quite a good idea as well. I’ve seen so many messages on different online platforms and social media sites of people looking for information about cosplay for either their essays and school projects or just out of interest. I’ve seen people look for cosplayers and had people ask me to help them find them for events and other fun appearances. And it’s one hell of a jungle online to find everything in and quite a bit of work to keep sending people lists of cosplayers they can approach. So how about I create a website where we combine all this information so it’s easier to find?

The plan was just that: a place to post searches for cosplayers and information about cosplay. Not much more, not much less. But then when I wanted to link to one of the fantasy websites I really admire I got the message that the owner was quitting and the website would be shut down. Such a shame!

The good news is though that most of the team of that website was eager to keep writing and so together we formed a new team and the website I was working on suddenly had to expand – being given room for event reports, cosplay showcases and spotlights, an event calender and much, much more.

It’s all in Dutch, but as it was launched we were happy to receive so many positive sounds from other cosplayers in our country.

So this is our tiny website on which we praise cosplayers and photographers alike. I’m just very excited to see where we’ll be heading with this.

Lady loki

Photo was taken the 26th of september at Eflia Arcen – a costume to fit the belly in…that’s what pregnant cosplay moms do :3 And that was what motivated me to start writing about cosplay and cosplayers I admire.

A Warm Welcome

Finally, a new website has arrived. It took a while but I’m glad to be back online and I’m happy to share new photos and projects with anyone who’s interested.
I’d like to start my blog with a quick overview of the last few years. As you might know I started cosplaying on anime conventions years ago. And as you might know I’ve been away from the cosplay scene for a while as well. However, since I returned I’ve met a lot of new friends, lovely cosplayers and crazy nerds who love the same things as me. I dare to admit I’m not visiting conventions purely to participate in competitions but I go there to hang out with some of the nicest people I know.
Last year I had the fortune to hang out with the lovely Kawin who made some gorgeous photos. I’m mentioning him for he has helped me make photo’s of a costume that is very dear to me. In the past I had the pleasure to pose for the wonderful Mike Ratera, and I’m pleased to say that I might just be seeing him again this year in Gorinchem!
All in all, I have some new projects on the line and I can’t wait to see you all the conventions.

But in the meantime, enjoy my site!


Het is waarschijnlijk al opgevallen dat de site twee talen kent. De Nederlandse versie is steeds te vinden onder de engelse versie en daar ben ik op het moment tevreden mee. Hopelijk zorgt het niet voor teveel verwarring.
Eindelijk is het dan zover! De nieuwe website is online en wat ben ik er blij mee. :D Nu heb ik de mogelijkheid om mijn projecten met jullie te delen, mits jullie ge├»nteresseerd zijn natuurlijk….

Als ik dan toch een eerste blog mag schrijven dan wil ik graag een korte terugblik werpen op de afgelopen jaren. Zoals sommigen van jullie misschien nog herinneren begon ik jaren geleden met cosplay op anime conventies. Maar wegens studie en andere activiteiten ben ik ook een tijd uit de cosplay scene geweest. Sinds mijn terugkeer heb ik het geluk gehad heel veel lieve mensen te ontmoeten en nieuwe vrienden te maken en ik durf nu toe te geven dat ik niet meer naar evenementen ga om mee te doen aan de wedstrijden. Als ik nu op een evenement ben dan is dat om de gezelligheid en om met jullie te zijn.
Via deze weg wil ik de fantastische Kawin bedanken die zulke mooie foto’s heeft genomen het afgelopen jaar. Vooral de foto’s van Yuna ben ik dolblij mee vanwege de waarde die het kostuum voor mij heeft. Ook heb ik in het verleden voor de geweldige Mike Ratera mogen poseren en de kans is groot dat ik hem dit jaar weer ga zien!
Alles bij elkaar genomen heb ik een heleboel idee├źn en projecten om mij bezig mee te houden en ik kan niet wachten om jullie allemaal te zien op de conventies.
Maar tot die tijd: geniet van de site!