Quibbler is for sale again!

Check out this awesome Quibbler prop made by Wizardwear.nl! I couldn’t resist uploading the two articles I had a hand in. This project was started many years ago but was finally printed last year. Daan, you’re awesome!

When it was published last year it was sold out almost immediately, but good news for you all: They’ve reprinted. You can get a copy by contacting WizardWear via their website of their FB.


Quibbler 2016 Quibbler about Ckes Quibbler about Scabior


And I’m looking forward to the Daily Prophet

What kept me busy?

Jane It’s January,and well, the month has almost passed. It’s been awfully quiet from my side cosplay wise, you might think, having only attended a few more cons at the end of last year. This was due to both my pregnancy and work. I had less energy and had to make more hours because I knew that at the start of the new year I’d be doing without work and income for a whWerkile. Although I absolutely love my job as a librarian to bits, the distance of travelling meant that I can’t do it for the upcoming months.

So yes, that’s me doing my normal every day job to the right there, teaching one of the programs for schoolchildren in one of our wonderful libraries. I love the part where we get to tell children a tale and use the little story theatre for it. I suppose it is no secret that I am also the Story Telling Princess in my area, but that aside…. I will miss it, I am missing it. I feel like creating a Belle cosplay just for the sake of missing my job already!

So, new cosplay plans? While it seems that I have been exposing myself very little these past few months I have been working really hard for the cosplay website I’m part of the team of. I’ve been conducting interviews with other cosplayers and photographers, writing and arranging event reports, constantly contacting publishers and event organisations for our press and fitting all the material that has been sent in into pretty little layouts. I have been very busy behind the computer.

Mediamatic On my cosplay page I made an automated queue of pictures of my cosplays and acting work I’d not published there before. The queue should hold till after our child is born. Fingers crossed he won’t stay inside for a few weeks longer…. Among the photos are those of costumes that have unfortunately not withstood the tests of time, such as Ihadurca (to the left), worn at one of the expositions by Mediamatic in Amsterdam. There are also pictures of me on my job as a dancer, as an actor on stage and as a Lady Gaga look-a-like. Things I immensely enjoyed. Looking back at all those images now it is itching. I want to do new costumes. I want to do new shows. I’ll have to wait till my posture is sort of back again. ugh.


Snow OUATFor this year, I have been invited to a Once Upon A Time shoot at one of the events and if all goes well I might attend it as Snow in her hunter’s outfit. Not quite a new costume, but sounds like lots of fun. Later on in the year a shoot is planned with Harry Potter characters in the Forbidden Forest and me and the Librarian have been accepted in as Scabior (crossplay for me) and Snape.  Once again no new costumes but a lot of fun. I am skipping the conventions at the start of this year till April, just because I don’t know what will happen during this period, but intend to catch up later on in the year. And while I’m currently keeping busy reviewing books for publishers, I’m making sneaky plans to update my Harley costume for perhaps a skit?












When the moment comes that you realise you don’t fit your dress any longer and you will not be able to cosplay the characters you had in mind for the upcoming nine months or so, you start thinking.

Having cosplayed ever since I found out about it (and technically also before that but not sure whether that counts), cosplay has always been a huge part of my life. I love the challenges of creating costumes, of portraying characters, of going to events and seeing people I don’t often see. How do you take it easy if that is all such great fun to you?

cosplaywijzer2Well, I came up with an idea, an answer to my question ‘what to do now that I won’t be able to cosplay as much’ and in hindsight, it might be quite a good idea as well. I’ve seen so many messages on different online platforms and social media sites of people looking for information about cosplay for either their essays and school projects or just out of interest. I’ve seen people look for cosplayers and had people ask me to help them find them for events and other fun appearances. And it’s one hell of a jungle online to find everything in and quite a bit of work to keep sending people lists of cosplayers they can approach. So how about I create a website where we combine all this information so it’s easier to find?

The plan was just that: a place to post searches for cosplayers and information about cosplay. Not much more, not much less. But then when I wanted to link to one of the fantasy websites I really admire I got the message that the owner was quitting and the website would be shut down. Such a shame!

The good news is though that most of the team of that website was eager to keep writing and so together we formed a new team and the website I was working on suddenly had to expand – being given room for event reports, cosplay showcases and spotlights, an event calender and much, much more.

It’s all in Dutch, but as it was launched we were happy to receive so many positive sounds from other cosplayers in our country.

So this is our tiny website on which we praise cosplayers and photographers alike. I’m just very excited to see where we’ll be heading with this.

Lady loki

Photo was taken the 26th of september at Eflia Arcen – a costume to fit the belly in…that’s what pregnant cosplay moms do :3 And that was what motivated me to start writing about cosplay and cosplayers I admire.

The day I told a famous Hollywood actor I was ‘just guarding my eggs’

Excitement: When I was at the opening of the Game of Thrones exhibition I talked to actor Michiel Huisman. 

Less excitement: Really, it’s just as I write it: I talked to Michiel Huisman.

“What did he say to you?” People have asked me immediately after they’d seen us talk. Interesting, I thought, for this very same question was asked to others who had been seen near Michiel or Daniel Portman. It felt as if everyone expected a reply of great interest; as if Michiel would have revealed something about himself or the series not heard before. It’s funny how so many people seem to be interested in hearing what a famous person has to say.

“What did you say to him?”

Well, what did I say?

Michiel was being interviewed while standing near his costume. I was standing nearby because his costume’s next to the dress of Daenerys and near to her eggs. I’d decided that being dressed up as Khaleesi I’d better stand close to my character’s items. Then suddenly Michiel looked at me expectantly and for some. unknown. reason. I looked straight back at him and told him:

“I’m just guarding my eggs”

Let’s break this down….

When Michiel turned my way he looked surprised and recognized me in my Daenerys Cosplay. Since I love to fill in other people’s thoughts I can guess the thought he must have been thinking at that point: “Oh lord, not another one” and probably wished himself at home with his girlfriend and family. I felt like I had to say something and as he walked up to me I assume he would have expected for me to 1. Ask him to have a photo taken, or 2. Tell him how handsome he is (as it seems to be the main topic of all news articles about him).

To be honest, I wanted to have a photo taken with him but I’m so darn shy and polite that I was waiting for a proper moment. Looking back, this was that moment……
But instead I became my character and told him I was guarding my eggs…..

Which when I think of it could be taken the wrong way but you know which eggs I mean. At least I vaguely gestured at the three eggs on display.

Naturally, he was confused by what I’d said but smiled when he got it. Michiel acknowledged that I was indeed guarding my eggs, and repeated the sentence I’d said.

So now you know what Michiel said to me, and what I said to him. Though I highly doubt this will qualify as Celebrity Gossip. At least I always know how to make a fool of myself around famous people. I can’t wait to see what foolish thing I will say to the next famous person I meet. At least I guarded my eggs well that night.