Elsje op Texel

Elsje op texel
New comic book of Elsje released. If you hadn’t seen it in previous posts, Elsje is a Dutch cheeky comic character created by Eric Hercules and Gerben Valkema. I’ve had the pleasure to be her look-a-like before, but June the 7th of 2017 marked the new release of the newest comic book “Elsje op Texel” (als appeared in German) which was launched fittingly on Texel.  Although Elsje appears to be living there, this was my first time on the island.

I wish to thank Eric’s daughter for babysitting little Tijmen today, and the whole crew of Don Lawrence Collection for inviting Elsje and being such fun.

Vandaag de presentatie van Elsje op Texel.

En wat zijn ze er snel bij die journalisten! http://www.texelplaza.nl/nieuws/artikel/062611/2017-06-07/ & http://www.texelsecourant.nl/…/strip-elsje-op-texel-geprese… & https://www.noordhollandsdagblad.nl/den-helder-eo/elsje-reikt-zelf-het-eerste-album-uit



Elsje op texel Elsje op texel Elsje op texel Elsje op texel

Elsje Glossy

A magazine all about Comic character Elsje and guess who is also in it? This is such an honour

Elsje Glossy Elsje Glossy


This magazine is a special, published by a museum in the Netherlands, and is dedicated to one of the most famous comic characters in our country. I feel flattered that I’ve been given the opportunity to cosplay her, officially, and that I was mentioned once more (and not just in the magazine itself, but also in art created by others).

Roodhaar in an official publication

RoodhaarCan I be more honoured? Romano Molenaar actually liked my cosplay of the design he made for Roodhaar, a spin-off albums to Storm, so much that he had my photos published in one of the official new albums of Roodhaar. It’s in a special edition including more behind-the-scenes drawings, so the regular version will miss this extra bit.

The album is called: De Kronieken van Roodhaar – De vijfde Toren by Rob van Bavel & Romano Molenaar.

Eppo Roodhaar At almost the same time I was also featured not once but twice in the comic magazine Eppo, both as Roodhaar and as Elsje.  Whoohoot!

Media Page update & Strips op de Markt

Rikku 2016 ThinkingIt’s not even been that long since I last made a post to my site, but I can announce I proudly updated my Media page with a new appearance of me at the Strips op de Markt in Gouda where I appeared as the Dutch famous comic character Elsje to celebrate her (and the event’s) tenth birthday. Which was amazing. And yes, I was hired for the job and the costume was funded. I wish to thank Gerben and Eric very much for thinking of me and giving me such a wonderful day <3

So Elsje appeared in several news papers and I added the wonderful vlog by De Stripvlogger to my media page in case you’d like to see what you’ve been missing out on ;)

And now you’re thinking…. but that picture to the left isn’t Elsje. You’re quite right. A few days after being Elsje I tried on my Rikku again since… well…. you know how many old photos I have dressed as her. I was wondering if I could still pull her off anno 2016. And it was a test at the same time for my self-build and very much improvised attic-studio because this was taken on my attic with my own sony camera and a white blanket as a background. No extra lightening. For Roodhaar it worked quite well but yes… I did something wrong with my camera settings. So in the end I only have three or four images that could be used but I’m learning. Ha-ha!

Strips op de Markt Gouda

Elsje being drawn

Photos by ComixPhotographers

This event took place the first weekend of May in Gouda and featured lots of comic artists famous in our country, gathering to draw you a personal picture or give you their signature. There was a huge market on the square outside where you could find any sort of comic memorabilia or albums you might be missing.

Elsje is a character famously featured in for example newspapers where she appears as a small girl doing mischievous things. She’s the wonderful creation of Eric Hercules and Gerben Valkema who desperately try to teach her a thing or two about manners. Tsk.

The grand entrance to this day was made by Gerben, Eric and Elsje being driven into Gouda in a red Mustang – which remained in the square to be admired for the rest of the day – while press was yelling and taking pictures. I only fell backwards once during our drive round the square. Just once.

MustangAfter our entrance we were then interviewed, also by De Stripvlogger, with some difficult questions – well, mostly because that van selling chips/fries distracted us so much. In fact, it distracted us so greatly that Elsje decided to try her luck and order a bunch of fries, which she got served….for free…. Well, if you’re cheeky…..



There was a little exposition of the work of Gerben and Eric in one of the buildings where they sat to sign and draw for fans, and Elsje remained slouched next to them, randomly interferring with their conversations. There was special Elsje merchandise to be get – Elsje Chocolate, Elsje beer…. Eric kept his brains in a jar on the table and asked for them not to be disturbed. He also wrote a little poem in every book he was presented with – although they almost all ended up being about food.

All in all we had a wonderful day. By the end of it I had changed back into my normal attire to do a little round the market myself (and catch a geocache or two). We sat down to have dinner with a few more writers/artists and ended the day on a happy note.

Thank you all for this wonderful experience <3

More Roodhaar – Storm Cosplay

A new year has begun and updates have been lacking. Not because I wouldn’t have been active – oh no. With RSI problems troubling both arms I had a good scare at the end of last year, fearing I would not be able to sew or create a new costume any time soon. I even went as far as to buy a costume – Jane from Tarzan, which unfortunately didn’t arrive completely…. But on the upside, my arms are slowly getting better and if I’m really careful I find I have days when I can sew again, resulting in an almost finished Xena Warrior Princess costume and a Rey from Star Wars TFA costume. Anything else? I’m trying to pimp up and finish the Jane costume and see whatever costume I will wear at Elfia this month – depending on my mood.

The start of the year had me dress up as Dora for a children’s birthday party and I am pretty excited about a new comic cosplay I’m creating to celebrate the birthday of the character Elsje soon! Challenges gallore! Not to mention that I might make a Caitlyn LOL cosplay with the leftovers from my Mercutio coat. Too many things I wish to try this year.

Now onto an older costume of mine that deserved some new pictures. I present you Romano Molenaar’s designed character Roodhaar from the comics Storm, as she appeared in The Legend of Krill.

(Edit) By Paco Levya:

Edited by Paco Levya

Some new 2016 Roodhaar photos!

Roodhaar RoodhaarRoodhaar Roodhaar  

  RedHair- Roodhaar

Sssst, Roodhaar

Dark Dragon Books Cosplays

Cosplays of characters featured in comics by the publishers Dark Dragon Books. Cosplayed with their permission.

These characters all feature in comics published by Dark Dragon Books. At the start of a new year I’d like to look back at the wonderful time I’ve had posing for Dark Dragon Books and the chance they’d given me to have photos taken as their characters. I’m very happy that the brilliant Kawin Wu wanted to take some of these photos and glad I could sent some to Mike Ratera whose work I really adore.

The characters below are Dracena, also know as Dracenia, from Le Chant des Elfes (Zang der elfen), Stella from Notorious Circus by Chris Evenhuis and Red Sonja from the Red Sonja comics.

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