Magic Fair @ Limbricht

 Rainer BoyrichLast Sunday, Asha Cosplay and Cherry Cosplay and me attended the Magic Fair in Limbricht. Because of the weather we changed our original plans and went dressed as Daenerys (GOT), La Mort (Romeo et Juliette musical), and Tinkerbell (Peter Pan). This photo was taken by Rainer Boyrich. Thank you Rainer!

Our original plans had been the Romeo et Juliette costumes, I believe, and as I’m writing this (afterwards) I can say the change was a good idea. It was so dreadfully warm! But we had an amazing day and met many, many lovely people and photographers.

And one more by Fairyangelphotos.


Game of Thrones Exhibition Amsterdam

This evening marked the opening of the Game of Thrones exhibition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Some wonderful cosplayers were invited to appear tonight and I was very lucky to be part of this wonderful little group. Oh and yes, we were one of the first to get to see the exhibition… the costumes, props and all the interactive activities.

Sansa/Alayne & Ned Stark: GermanSuperfans
Ellaria: Steffie’s costumes
Melisandre: Alice in Cosplayland
Daenarys: Cosplay Vanne
Jeoffrey: Marilynde Cosplay
Sansa/Alayne: Lavinia Cosplay
Margaery: Vos cosplay & costumes
Jorah: Foxybadger Cosplay

Wheelchair Iron Throne or EFF 2015

Elfia, formerly Elf Fantasy Fair, is an outdoor event in the Netherlands. We could all expect rain. But the weather forecast was particularly distressing so instead of doing a nice princess dress or wearing my Daenerys summer costume I decided to go for a Plan B which I’ve titled “How to make a costume in less than a week”

DaenerysIt started when I knew the theme of the event was Game of Thrones and I looked at my bought e-tickets for the event. During Easter I’d let a street tile fall onto my foot and when I walk it looks like I’m as old as my grandma. Even older. In short, I was going to be tied to a wheelchair for the event and I wasn’t going to let my fun depend on this disaster of the foot or on the disaster of the cold and rainy weather. I decided to stick to the theme of the event and bring my own cheap-ass throne.

I’d found a base for another Blue dress of Daenerys and it looked good as I adjusted it. I found the same fabric for the dress in a darker colour and decided to make the cloak for the costume. This was done two days before the event and costed less than 20 euros. The necklace I used the horn of an old viking helmet for (1 euro). The trousers I found the day before the event in a second hand shop (4 euros), the shoes as well costing me 5.50 euros.I used old canvas to cover the boots. The wig was found by my mother in a party shop and is of very cheap quality so it was a pain to braid but costed about 15 euros and was the only thing I could get my hands on in time before the event.

This was a description of how to make a costume in about three days time for not too much money. And yes, I was in a wheelchair almost the entire day but I had lots of fun!

Daenerys  Daenerys

And I did sit on the real HBO Replica of the Iron Throne. Hah!