Elfia 2018 Haarzuilens – Warrior Rapunzel

To join a group of Disney Warrior Princesses, who all gathered about a year ago with the idea of having the Princesses wear armour, I created and improvised this Rapunzel Warrior Costume, based on a Roman style Gladiator girl. The headdress was needed to hide the faulty wig border as I didn’t have a large budget and still wanted to make something that looked fashionably okay – that wig looks nice like this but it’s rather small on the head.

Now to start a cosplay like this is nice but I stumbled upon many unforeseen complications. Such as: don’t start a cosplay while you’ve just given birth. Your shape can vary till over a year after. Also, don’t be too ambitious. With a baby toddling around, reviews to be written and a new job I just didn’t have as much time to create something as I had wanted. also, make it comfortable. I have a League of Legends armour lying around here somewhere which I really wanted to wear, but had commissioned around the time of me giving birth. The problem is, it looks beautiful but you can hardly move in it. And with a baby, you guessed it, you need to be flexible and able to move around a lot!

So this improvised Rapunzel came to be. Unfortunately our appointments with photographers as a group went astray, so not many pictures there. But I’ve learned a lot and am excited to start on a next (not too ambitious) costume. Here are some of my favourite images, and a thank you to anyone on the Amino app for giving me 400+ hearts on this.


Photos in order : 1) by Erik Vrijsen, 2-4) by C-Flash Ninja)  5) by the Librarian, 6&7) by Terryawan, 8)By The Vigilante


















Dutch Comic Con 2018

April 1st was the Dutch Comic Con 2018,  And we went there…..as Mary Poppins, Bert and a penguin, Holiday style. Family Cosplay Goals Achieved =)


Stripfestival Breda

Another guest appearance. Although asked to be Roodhaar, there was a change of plans (on my behalf) and I ended up pestering poor Gerben Valkema and Eric Hercules the entire Saturday at Stripfestival Breda as their cheeky and impertinent drawn-daughter Elsje.

I’m also happy to have found out who the very happy baby and the man with glasses carrying him around belong to….. it’s Gerben’s brother with baby! Who would have thought? Haha! I do love the theory and the many people who have been guessing.

Something that surprised me was the amount of people recognising Elsje and being happy to see her, or asking to take a photograph. The children loved her (She’s funny and sweet! Not like her. She’s horror/Halloween *whilst pointing at the Harley Quinn present* ) Sweet? Well, if they say so.

It’s good to see so many familiar faces, and I believe everyone was having a great time.

Thank you Rob/StripfestivalBreda/Eppo/Gerben&eric for having me as your guest.

Photo by Erwin Suvaal.

Brabants Stripspektakel

Exhausted, but very happy. The dear crew of Brabants stripspektakel did an amazing job. They asked me to come and join them by living things up as Melisande, a comic character by Clarke and Gilson. Before that, I tried my luck as Roodhaar from Romano, and after that I was with my ‘sister’ to entertain the children and join them at the photobooth as a rather cold (or entirely too warmly dressed) princess. Three costumes in two days, it is quite a lot but so very worth it. I loved it, the experience, the people, the artists and the organisation. Thank you for asking me to be your guest <3

Melisande, Foto door (c) Kelly Fober,  bij het Brabants Stripspektakel – Veldhoven NL, voor Vzw Arcadia

More Tycutio

So here are a few of the images from our photoshoot, thanks to Larasati and the Librarian. More can be found on my FB here, as well as some silly video footage.

Sarah Shagal Cosplay Castlefest 2017

After missing a few years, today was Castlefest, dressed in this handmade dress of Sarah Shagal from The Fearless Vampire Killers (or pardon me but your teeth are in my neck), also now a musical called Tanz Der Vampire. As a child I loved this old Polanski film. I still wish to improve the costume and hope to gain some good photos with it one day. It was a joyful day. Thank you all for the ‘gezelligheid’.

Tybalt and Mercutio Musical cosplay

One moment you’re a princess the next… well…… yesterday Cherry Cosplay and I had a little photoshoot as Tybalt Capulet and Mercutio Escalus from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Of course we imitated the Musical version of Roméo & Juliette and our costumes are based on John Eyzen Officiel as Mercutio in purple and Tom Ross Officiel as Tybalt in red.

We’ve had so much fun with these characters, enjoyed all the musical versions we got to see, and are still rooting that one day the musical will return to our tiny little country in whatever form. We just enjoy it that much. That being said, we both wanted to do something else with our hair and since we use our own hair for these characters…. well, we wanted to do a photoshoot last year but Mercutio was pregnant at that time…  So it had to be postponed.

Now that we have nice images of our costumes, details and some video material we can finally move on to new cosplays.  Yay! Oh mind you, next weekend I want to have my Sarah Shagal costume from Tanz der Vampire/ or Fearless Vampire Killers finished to wear at Castlefest. Wish me luck!