Vanne has won 5 awards for her cosplay and has been a judge for several cosplay competitions as well as reading competitions in the Netherlands. She has worked as a children’s entertainer next to her daily job as a librarian and was one of the main editors of the Dutch cosplay website CosplayWijzer.

Cosplay Related Jobs:

• Reading stories to children (met vertelkastje!)
• Entertaining as a look-alike (such as Lady Gaga & Elsje)
Expositions & Exhibitions (showing off the costumes)
• Modelling for photos and for artists on events ( Dark Dragon Books)
• Charity ( Prinsessen voor Serieus Request/Goede Doelen)
• Skits/Acts/Plays
• Judging (Fantasywijzer & Imagicon)
• Main Editor CosplayWijzer

Cosplay Awards:

• Best Solo Act, Chibicon 2007
• Best Solo Act, Animecon 2007
• Best Act Cospay Competition, Animecon 2006
• 3rd place Cosplay Competition, Jrock-con 2006
• 1st place Cosplay Competition, Abunai! 2005

 Silly Costume tidbits:

• All-time favourite: Rikku
• Most used: Hufflepuff
• Never worn (myself) but proud to have: Hamtaro
• Favourite Costume: Ihadurca
• Favourite crossplay: Scabior


• Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Tap dance, Classical Javanese Court Dance
• Musical
• Acting: Stage, Camera, events, Voice
• Costume Design
• Script writing


• Height: 5’1
• Finished University with a MA
• Has been terribly ill as a young teenager and missed over half a year of school, but was allowed to go into the next year
• Fits Children clothes
• Will never grow up